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Photo Gallery

On some browsers clicking the gaps between the gallery images provides the enlarged view.
Caernarfon-h-01  Caernarfon-h-02  Caernarfon-h-03  Caernarfon-h-04  Caernarfon-h-05  Caernarfon-h-06  Caernarfon-h-07  Caernarfon-h-08  Caernarfon-h-09  Caernarfon-h-10  Caernarfon-h-11  Caernarfon-h-12  Caernarfon-h-13  Caernarfon-h-14  Caernarfon-h-15  Caernarfon-h-16  Caernarfon-h-17  Caernarfon-h-18  Caernarfon-h-19  Caernarfon-h-20  Caernarfon-h-21 Caernarfon-h-22 Caernarfon-h-23 Caernarfon-h-24 Caernarfon-h-25 Caernarfon-h-26 Caernarfon-h-27 Caernarfon-h-28 Caernarfon-h-29 Caernarfon-h-30
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